Shannon Waldron Music

“Shannon’s teaching style manages to remain highly professional, yet with a personal touch. She keeps my 8 year old engaged and motivates her to practice and do her best. She teaches music concepts in a way that can be easily grasped, no matter the age or experience level. A truly excellent teacher!”
Teressa Tally, Children’s Theater Director

I have found Shannon to be extremely empathetic with my grandchildren. They are older students and rather self-conscious. However, she has put them at ease and they enjoy going to lessons with her. She has already done amazing things with them.”
Tibish Meyers

“I’ve been playing piano/keyboards on the worship team at my church for over 4 years, & Shannon has been really great at teaching this old dog new tricks. She’s always encouraging when I feel like I’m not living up to my own expectations in terms of my development. I feel like after being under her direction for the last several months that I am head & shoulders above the level I was when I first asked her to tutor me.”
Scott Effinger

“Our son has been receiving piano lessons from Shannon for the last several years. She has truly inspired him to develop a love for music. Shannon is patient, kind and her enthusiasm for music is infectious. We wholeheartedly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a professional music teacher.”
Colby Brandt 

Waldron Ministries

“Her gift of music will inspire others to worship and seek Christ in any setting.”
Pastor Carla Durby, Maryvale Church of the Nazarene

“I can tell you from first hand experience that the Holy Spirit ministers deeply through the worship music that Shannon leads… Her ability to bring together musicians from many different churches and allow for freedom and individual input was exceptional…. She naturally knew when to ad lib, sing out, harmonize or stay in the background, depending on the variations of bands and vocalists….Anyone who has the opportunity to worship with her will be blessed.”
–Pastor Jeff Fills, Turning Leaf Church

“Adam doesn’t have to bring out all the bells and whistles to gain your attention, and doesn’t have to put on a flashy performance to keep you interested; he is raw. His love for God is raw and natural, and the vulnerability and truth that comes out when he speaks is inspiring.”
-–Jeffrey Marcum


3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Shannon truly leads others to God’s throne by example. Her heart and soul are so in-tune to the Spirit and it is so evident when she leads worship. She was an amazing mentor to me when I was developing as a worship leader and I will always draw from my experience with her as I now lead others. Her gifts in singing and instrumentation are a beautiful compliment to her leadership and gentle spirit.

    – Pastor Chris Shalter, Grace Point Nazarene

  2. I have been taking voice and piano lessons with Shannon for the last year. She is a great teacher and very talented and inspiring. She patiently and knowledgeably answers my crazy questions. She is great at explaining proper techniques. The best part is that she is very encouraging. She doesn’t cringe when I get a note wrong instead she will help me work on why I’m getting the note wrong to get it right. I am very thankful to have a music teacher who loves Jesus and lets that shine through her work.

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