Private Lessons

 One thing that is so important to me is to train and develop musicians! Playing the piano, guitar, and singing is therapeutic for me and I believe music is such a vital part of a person’s well-being.  I love helping others find that musical creativity in them and developing new and experienced musicians. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a BA in Vocal Performance and Elementary Education. My seven years of teaching second and third grade, and six years of leading worship have given me many experiences with teaching in the regular classroom and in the music setting.  If you have an interest in learning piano, guitar, or improving your vocal skills, I offer private lessons in my home. Piano lessons are offered for people of all ages, within beginner and intermediate levels. Voice lessons are offered for adults and children from age 8 and up.  Discounts are offered to families with multiple children learning under Shannon Waldron Music. Contact Shannon Waldron at for more information.

Piano Lessons Pricing

          $100 monthly for a weekly half hour lesson

 $150 monthly for a weekly hour lesson (teens and adults only)

Vocal Lessons Pricing

   $100 monthly for a weekly half hour lesson

 $150 monthly for a weekly hour lesson (teens and adults only)


Guitar Lessons Pricing 

$90 monthly for a weekly half hour lesson

$140 monthly for a weekly hour lesson (teens and adults only)


  • Vocal performance with 5 years of training at Grand Canyon University, 20 years of solo, ensemble, and choir performance experience
  • Piano performance with 8 years of training, including 2 years in Grand Canyon University’s music program
  • Guitar performance with 8 years of self-training and 6 years of praise band experience
  • Conducting experience with collegiate instruction in conducting and music theory
  • Music Composition experience including writing music for piano, bass, vocals, and guitar


2 thoughts on “Private Lessons

  1. Tibish Meyers says:

    I have found Shannon to be extremely empathetic with my grandchildren. They are older students and rather self-conscious. However, she has put them at ease and they enjoy going to lessons with her. She has already done amazing things with them.

  2. Scott Effinger says:

    I’ve been playing piano/keyboards on the worship team at my church for over 4 years, & Shannon has been really great at teaching this old dog new tricks. She’s always encouraging when I feel like I’m not living up to my own expectations in terms of my development. I feel like after being under her direction for the last several months that I am head & shoulders above the level I was when I first asked her to tutor me.

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