Meet Shannon

Hello! I’m Shannon, a mama, wife, friend, and educator with a passion to help others live their best life! I have 3 boys, and other than my dog, Maggie, I’m the only girl in the house! I’ve always had a heart for helping people, and so I’ve chosen to be an educator for the past 20 years: teaching 2nd and 3rd grade, English, Bible studies, wellness, and music lessons.

Now, aside from being an educator, I’m a very spiritually – minded, holistically driven mama who also is a pastor’s wife and worship leader. I’m a fixer by nature, and so I love helping others find solutions to their struggles!

My passion for a natural lifestyle started in college when I found myself struggling with my respiratory wellness. I had been on steroids, and allergy meds my entire life, and by the time I got to college no prescriptions were working anymore. My professors would pull me aside after class to ask if I had tried the prescriptions and over the counter meds they knew of… And the hard part was that I HAD tried them or been on them for a long time. But nothing was working anymore. So after a friend cared enough to help me learn about great quality supplements that had helped her husband with similar struggles, I decided I had nothing to lose to give them a try. And the difference I saw after about 3 months of taking them consistently turned my whole world around! That is where my natural wellness journey began and I am so grateful for it! It’s turned my health around and allowed me to go from being reactive, to proactive for better wellness! And now, with the consistent use of supplements and essential oils, we’ve been able to go from meeting our high deductible plan in the past from numerous sick visits and struggles, to NO sick visits this past year and a half! We’ve learned how to be proactive with our wellness, in addition to having a wellness cabinet at our fingertips daily! It truly is amazing to experience the fullness of using what God gave us from the very beginning in nature to live our very best life!

Our quality of life is not determined by just one thing, but rather a combination of total wellness through the mind, heart, physical and emotional well being. Music (well…. and essential oils, AND FAITH!) are a HUGE part of my emotional well being, and I love helping others discover the value of ALL of these for their lives also. It fuels me to helps others change “I can’t …” into “I choose to…” to walk towards the inspiring life God has chosen for us!

Small, consistent choices add up to BIG results and YOU CAN live your best life now!

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

J. K. Rowling

It’s never too late to start living well now!


Let’s journey together to live our best life.

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